BizTalk Integration

Bring your disparate systems in line with your business processes and create one uniform way of working.

Learn to take advantage of business process management (BPM) methodologies to help you get the most out of your current IT/ICT investments.

Data Cleansing

Data quality in today's global business market is more crucial than ever. Garbage in garbage out, but how do you make sense of it all?

With human error, automated processes, delivery of unchecked data, this task can be daunting for any size company. Let us help...

Business Intelligence

Now that you have gathered together your data, what do you do next?

Manatix has industry specialists that can help you interpret and understand your data – visually, and accurately, giving you the tools you need to do your job right - the first time.

Manatix Connect

Okay, you have integrated your systems, cleansed all of your data, established business process, and even created some reports. How do you bring it together?

The natural solution to this common problem - Manatix Connect, our web based portal framework.